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    The roadmap of “Making Indonesia 4.0” has been officially launched by the Indonesian government in order to boost the nation’s economy substantially through the implementation of new manufacturing technologies for the most vital sectors in Indonesia. One of the vital sectors is the Food & Beverage industry. It will be prioritized under the “Making Indonesia 4.0” roadmap.

    As the backbone of the Indonesian economy, the manufacturing sector in Indonesia accounted for 20% of Indonesia’s GDP in 2017. Almost one in five of the working population in Indonesia is employed in this sector. Thus, if the Industry 4.0 is successful in Indonesia, the country will see a growth in GDP of at least 7% annually between 2018 and 2030; and the manufacturing industry will contribute to 26% of the nation’s by 2030 as well.

    Indonesia’s F&B Manufacturing Industry will grow at least 9% with investments of US$ 4.4bn. Investment targets have been rising for the past 4 years from US$2.8bn in 2015, US$4.1bn in 2016, US$ 4.14bn in 2017, US$4.4bn in 2018 and US$4.8bn this year. The implementation of Industry 4.0 in the operation had increased the productivity by up to 40% according to Minister of Industry, Mr. Airlangga Hartanto. That also means companies’ profits can also go up by 40%.

    The big opportunities for Industry 4.0 in Indonesia are mostly driven by the demographic factor in the country for the next decade. Indonesia with over 260 million populations has recognized as one of the most important dynamic markets and became a very promising market in the world.

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    Upcoming Event on 25 – 27 August 2021


    Food Manufacturing Indonesia 2021 taking place from 25 – 27 August 2021, JIExpo Jakarta which will be co-located with INAPALM ASIA 2021, SugarMach Indonesia 2021 and Pump+Valve Indonesia 2021. This annual event will be targeted 300+ exhibiting companies and 15,000 attendees from food, drink, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agrofood, natural products and other related industries. This event will showcase the latest solutions and technologies to help food & beverage manufacturers make smart decisions to improve production, reduce waste and reduce downtime.
    Show Sectors:
    – Ingredients
    – Processing
    – Packaging
    – Automation & Controls
    – Logistics

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